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About East End Works Program

East End Works

About East End Works Program

The Houston East End Chamber of Commerce has some exciting news!

To fulfill their mission of connecting businesses to promote economic expansion and investment in the East End, the Chamber is teaming up with local organizations and community businesses to create a program called "East End Works."

Many companies are facing a major challenge: they're having trouble finding skilled workers because a lot of experienced employees are retiring, leaving important positions empty. In some industries, there's a gap between older and younger workers, and companies need fresh talent to fill those gaps. This is a widespread issue right now, and it's causing problems for many businesses. But there's hope! This special program aims to solve this problem by connecting businesses with people who are looking for work. It's all about making things better for everyone involved in the East End!

The Chamber has taken a smart approach to tackle this problem! By setting up a unique Job Board, the Chamber aims to be a central hub for East End businesses and job seekers. Here, companies can easily post their job openings, internships and apprenticeships. What's even better is not only will these postings get seen by a large pool of people searching for jobs, but job seekers will also have access to free training to help them grow as a professional. East End Works is a great way to bridge the gap between businesses and talented individuals looking to level-up their careers.

Well, the East End Chamber of Commerce will tell everyone about the program by putting it on their social media pages, sending out email campaigns to over 4,000 people, connect with East End area schools, and will also partner with other community workforce organizations.

This is where we need YOU!

Are you a business that needs to hire new people? Or maybe you're an organization that trains or certifies people for jobs?

If so, you can be a part of this special mission! So, come join us, and let's make the East End even better together!

East End Works is here to help YOU!

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