• EECOC Business University

    Business Owners know that running a business is a lot of work. The EECOC Business University is not only to provide a space and opportunity to meet peers going through the same things as you but also provide a place to hear from industry leaders in an informal round-table style.

    When possible, hand’s on working sessions will be provided to allow you to immediately put your learnings to action!

    Still have questions? Please give Jenny a call @ 713.926.3305 or email chamber@eecoc.org.

    EECOC Business University Session Dates

    January 10 – Sales Strategy for 2019

    January 12 – Tax Workshops

    January 17 – Tax Workshops

    February – Managing Social Media

    March – Empowering Women With Confidence (Negotiation and Networking Tips)

    April - Old School and Digital Advertising

    May – How to write Capability Statements and Killer Proposals

    June – How to Hire & Retain Employees (especially Millennials)

    July – Starting/Running a Non-Profit

    August – Gaining Loyal Customers with Customers Service

    September – How you can make money and still go out of business (Business Financials 101)

    October – Understanding Personalities in Business (your leadership style, your employees, and your clients with DISC)

    November – The boring sides of running a business and how to deal (legal/HR/Taxes)

    December – Steps for starting a business in 2020