Steps to Doing Business with the

    University of Houston


    1. Register as a UH System Vendor 

    ¸Visit uh.edu/vendor

    ¸Complete & fax the following documents: vendor cover sheet, W-9 or W-8 and direct deposit form to the UH Vendor ID Group at 713-743-0521

    ¸For additional questions, email vendorid@uh.edu

    2. Register as a State Vendor with the Texas Comptroller’s Office

    ¸Visit https://comptroller.texas.gov/purchasing/vendor/cmbl/

    ¸Register to be placed on the Centralized Masters Bidders List (CMBL)

    ¸Apply for Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) certification, if your business is eligible

    3. Review UH Solicitations on the Electronic State Business Daily (ESBD)

    ¸Visit http://www.txsmartbuy.com/sp

    ¸UH posts procurement opportunities over $25,000 on the ESBD where vendors can also view current procurement opportunities for other state agencies and universities

    ¸Search for University of Houston, agency number 730, or University of Houston System, agency number 783

    4. Network

    ¸Introduce your company to the Purchasing Department, HUB Operations Department and other UH department(s) of interest

    ¸Attend pre-proposal conferences indicated in bidding opportunities to network with prime contractors for subcontracting opportunities

    ¸Attend University-hosted vendor fairs, forums and workshops posted on the HUB operations website: uh.edu/hub





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