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The Ace Hardware Corporation is a retailers' cooperative based in Oak Brook, Illinois, United States. As of 2015, it has over 4,600 locations, and does over $13 billion in retail hardware sales annually. The East End location can be found at 6860 Telephone Rd, Houston, TX.

Ace stores come in all sizes and shapes based on the needs of each individual neighborhood. They have small, urban stores, large rural stores and everything in between. Ace stores offer a wide variety of paint, lawn and garden, tools, local niche services and virtually anything you'll ever need to fix, repair and maintain your home. And of course, Ace is most certainly the place with the helpful hardware folks!

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The Houston Produce Center was opened in 1954 as the premier distribution hub for the city. Due to its rail capability, proximity to every mayor expressway in the city and its location near downtown this made the center the ideal place for any distribution company.  

Since 1974 the center has been privately owned by the Tavilla family, a well respected family in the produce business, so naturally the center has become focused on mainly produce. However as the premier food hub in the city we also have tenants that distribute meats, cheeses, specialty items, and even box lunches for the summer meal program for the students in the city.

They work closely with the Houston Food Bank to help ensure that they have what they need to help families all over the state. 

The center is run by 2 former produce company heads that bring years of experience to the table . They are able to spot issues and help guide their tenants in a direction that will hopefully benefit businesses.

Everyone is significant, and at Frost, we treat them that way. We give our customers a square deal and keep their assets safe and sound. These beliefs have guided Frost from the very beginning and served our customers well since 1868.

At Frost, we're proud of our heritage, and for good reason: we've been serving Texans almost as long as Texas has been a state. We're from here, and have always played an active role in the communities we serve.

We help people like you make sound financial decisions. And our disciplined relationship approach has stood the test of time. Frost has grown a lot, but what hasn't changed  is our commitment to our values and the relationships we've forged over the years. Those are here to stay.

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Advance Auto Parts has been in business for over 75 years supplying auto parts and tools to DIY auto aficionados. We're the second-largest aftermarket retailer in the United States, with over 3,400 locations nationwide. We are your one-stop shop for everything you need for routine maintenance, special projects, and even novelty accessories and extras.

We're the Houston auto parts store of choice for many loyal customers who see the grime under our nails and know we do this stuff for the joy of it. We love to offer our advice and expertise along with our shelves of high-quality auto parts. Finding the right auto parts in Houston is simple and easy with Advance Auto Parts just around the corner. Our values of integrity, honesty, and putting the confidence of customers above all else were first established by founder Arthur Taubman in 1932, and we perpetuate those values today. This makes Advance Auto Parts in Houston an integral part of the community.

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TelePacific is a multiple award-winning network and communications service provider to more than 40,000 businesses nationwide. The company owns and operates extensive network assets including 50,000 fiber strand miles, a Juniper and Cisco-powered MPLS IP network, four datacenters and nearly 400 colocations in 273 wire centers throughout the Southwestern and Western United States.

Since it was founded in 1998, TelePacific has grown into the largest competitor to AT&T, Verizon and CenturyLink in California, expanded operations into Nevada and Texas, and extended its network reach nationwide and globally to serve multi-location customers all over the world. Ten years ago, TelePacific had 400 employees, 6,000 business customers and 100,000 business lines in service. Today, the company has 1,500 employees, tens of thousands of customers and more than 1.2 million lines in service.

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